Shade Products - Residential & Commercial

  • Gavina


    Gavina is a single pole light-weighted non-collapsible architectural umbrella with Squared shape galvanized frame structures.

  • Poiana


    Poiana is a light-weighted non-collapsible architectural umbrella with Squared shape galvanized frame structures

  • Merlo


    Model Merlo is exclusively designed Versatile Model with V-shaped two spoke support at bottom making parking spaces..

  • Corallo


    Corallo is a lightweight multipurpose tent structure specially design with Model Airone Classic having sidewalls with transparent windows.

  • Nibbio


    Model NIBBIO is versatile and comprises a Conical shaped Cantilever car parking structures..

  • Gheppio


    Model GHEPPIO / Max Cantilever is a sturdy model of car park structures having an inbuilt water channelizing system..

  • Archeo Plus

    Archeo Plus

    Model Archeo Plus is an stylish cantilever shade possessing Catenary edges with unique slanting support at the bottom.

  • Pagoda


    Pagoda Tents is an light in weight easy to install and remove in no time. Best suited for terrace covering, open air restaurant, etc.

  • Airone Classic

    Airone Classic

    It is light in weight. Easy to install and remove. Coupling of other structures are optional.

  • Airone Max

    Airone Max

    Sturdy water proof tenso-static canopy, rain water is collected in perimetrical channels and channeled to ground through vertical pillars.

  • Minimax


    Minimax is a lightweight version of Airone Max Galvanized Tent Structure. It is very easy to install & remove.

  • Condor


    Sturdy modular tent to cover individual or executive’s Cars.

  • Astore


    We offer quality tiling and painting solutions for interior and exterior.

  • Archeo


    Brick pavers define beauty, elegance and durability for driveways, patios and walkways.

  • Cicogna


    Specialized manufactured modular tent to cover car showrooms and car parkings.

  • Cross Vault

    Cross Vault

    Ideally suitable to cover big outdoor areas for conducting parties and gatherings.

  • Casello


    Designed for giving a new and modern look of Toll Plazas and entrance gates on NHs.

  • Centra Polo

    Centra Polo

    From initial design and project specification to archieving a high end finish.

  • Shade Sails

    Shade Sails

    Italian designed tensile structure to cover open areas besides swimming pool, ships decks, etc.

  • Sparverio


    Sparverio is a non-collapsible centrally column; with an elegant design, square in plan and of an inverted conical shape.

  • Keope


    Keope is a lightweight unique design Galvanized Tent Structure. It is very easy to install & remove. Under this model,

  • Arco Tunnel

    Arco Tunnel

    Suitable to cover outdoor space for a specific purpose or conducting parties.

  • Falda


    Model Falda is aesthetic tensile tent structures best suited to organize Events & Exhibitions at longer outdoor area.

  • Tensostruttura


    Specially designed modular tents for restaurants, resorts, and garden lawns.




Tensile structures are vital to serve your critical needs for commercial and outdoor environments. However, there is a lot of diversity in these needs and present complex local challenges with respect to Weather, Wind, surrounding structures, obstructions and local regulations. But with Sprech India, the best tensile structure designer and fabricator don’t let these worry you.

Simply fill up the form with your details and we will be happy to offer you the best solution for your needs – How? (This should link to the Sprech India Process – Ref Table).

Step # Customer Action Sprech Activity
1 Fill Inquiry On receipt of your Inquiry, Sprech’s Techno-Commercial Engineers will have a Telephonic consultation to understand your needs and expectations. Based on this, you will be assigned to a Field Advisor
2 Field Site Survey A Detailed Site Survey is scheduled and conducted based on mutual convenience to capture key information such as – size in terms of LXW / Area, Weather (Temp, Humidity etc, Surrounding Structures, Any Hindrance or obstacle at site, Wind Flow/Tunnel Effect) and more.


Also, the Field Advisor understands in-person Customer Needs/Expectations. These include the following:

–         As-Is, To-Be; Functionality, References

–         Alternatives considered, Budget, Aesthetics, etc.

3 Post the Field Study, the Field advisor submits the details to the Sprech Design Team. Sprech’s Design Team works with a Specialized AI driven Design Application (ix-cube) with Weather and Wind Flow Simulations balancing design and budgets. The output is offered as

3D Design Options with accompanying commercials.

4 Customer Presentation/ Consultation by Sprech Advisor Sprech’s Consultants present these 3D design options with commercials to the Customer for his/her decision.
5 Customer Order & Fabrication On receipt of the Customer’s order, the Final (chosen) design is submitted to Sprech’s Production Team which converts the design into engineering specs, followed by procurement of the specialty fabric for fabrication.


Sprech’s Strict Quality Assurance covers detailed testing in Simulated Site Conditions.


Your Structure is then transported to the site for installation.

6 Customer Site Installation

Sprech’s experienced site Installation specialists complete the Installation at the Customer Site and record Customer’s Acceptance and Satisfaction with the structure. This rounds off the entire process smoothly for the customer.

Contact Number : +91 93287 28921

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