Model Tensostruttura

Model TENSOSTRUTTURA is a very eye catching & beautiful fabric structure for big areas for Restaurants, Resorts, Pavilions, Expos…

Available in two sizes of 10.5 Meters x 9.50 Meters (90 Sq. Meters) and 16.50 Meters x 15.50 Meters (242 Sq.Meters) makes it ideal to cover large areas.


It’s chiefly used for covering outside premises, summer hotel pavilions, coffee bars, parking shades, terrace, sport areas, warehouses, events, festivals, and trade exhibition fairs, etc.


  • Modules are in ready to fit condition. Hence can be installed at a site quickly, thereby reducing site work.
  • Modules can be added from all sides if required. So future expansion is feasible.
  • Galvanized Finish gives a long and trouble free life.
  • Easy to remove and reinstall, due to light material, a simplicity of installation.
  • The top cover is made with European Make Architectural fabrics having excellent UV, Fire Retardant properties.
  • Tear Resistant properties and a long life.
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