Sparverio Inverted Cone Architectural Umbrellas

Sparverio is a non-collapsible centrally column; with an elegant design, square in plan and of an inverted conical shape. This inverted cone stream down the rain-water into a neatly designed tank beneath the fabric canopy that allows collecting rainwater to redirects in a column which is connected to an underground pipe for water harvesting process.

Multiple structures can be coupled as one continuous tensile membrane structure. They are iconic structures and popular for businesses owners appear distinct from the crowd. The model Sparverio is a perfect choice of architectural umbrellas for cafes, fast foods, restaurants, theme parks, hotels & resorts and other tourist attraction places. Let’s talk about your next project.

Size in Meter

3 x 3,  4 x 4,  5 x 5,  6 x 6


It’s chiefly used for covering commercial outside premises, resorts & hotels, outdoor restaurants, coffee bars, parking shades, water harvesting project, etc.


  • Modules are in ready to fit condition. Hence can be installed at a site quickly, thereby reducing site work.
  • Modules can be added from all sides if required. So future expansion is feasible.
  • Galvanized Finish gives a long and trouble free life.
  • Easy to remove and reinstall, due to light material, a simplicity of installation.
  • The top cover is made with European Make Architectural fabrics having excellent UV, Fire Retardant.
  • Tear Resistant properties and a long life.
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