Model Pagoda

Model PAGODA is a light weight galvanized tensile structure having the feasibility to install & remove along with modules coupling . In this structure, the steel frames are visible from outside. SprechIndia provides pagoda tent for sale under standard sizes available in 3.30 mt x 3.30 mt, 4.30 mt x 4.30 mt, 5.20 mt x 5.20 mt, and 6.30 mt x 6.30 mt specifications.

It has a load bearing galvanized steel frame, powder coated, available in various colors on request. The top roof is made of fire retardant PVC polyester coated fabric subjected to PVDF protection treatment. Broadly used for outside commercial premises, summer hotel pavilions, restaurants, parking’s, warehouses, trade fairs and festivals. etc. For a custom size pagoda tents, request for a free cost estimate today.


  • Open Air Cafeteria
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Sports Areas
  • Parking Sheds
  • Tourism Tents
  • Warehouse
  • Temporary Storage
  • Gas Stations
  • Gardens & Open Terrace etc…

Top Features

  • Modules are in ready to fit condition that can be installed at the site easily, thereby reducing site work.
  • Modules can be added from all sides when required. So future expansion is feasible.
  • Galvanized finishing to provides a long and trouble free life.
  • Easy to remove and reinstall, due to light material, a simplicity of installation.
  • The top roof cover is build with European Make Architectural fabrics which have an excellent UV, Fire Retardant.
  • Waterproof & Tear Resistant properties having a longer lifespan.
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