Model Airone Max

AIRONE MAX  is a line of Tenso-Static modular fabric roof structures having the excellent adaptability to cover areas with light modules starting from 4 m x 4 m up to 15 m x 15 m in large heavy duty tent for sale. The concept of junction fittings facilitates quick and easy installation at site. Rainwater is collected in the Peri-metrical Beams and channeled to the ground through the Vertical Pillars. Steel structures are hot dipped galvanized for long life corrosion free. Such Modules can be conveniently added from all sides to expand. Optionally, side walls & windows could be added for creating privacy.


These steel gazebos are used to accommodate tourist facilities, sports complexes, as an open air restaurant canopies, displays, recreational and military grounds, events-exhibitions, and moreover, as emergency shelters or temporary lodging at the airports & harbors, etc.


  • Modules are in ready to fit condition. Hence can be installed at the site easily, reducing site works.
  • Modules can be added from all sides if required. So future expansion is feasible.
  • Rainwater is collected in the Peri metrical Beams and channeled to the ground thru the Vertical Pillars.
  • Galvanized finishing to provide a long and trouble free life.
  • The top fabric covering is built with European Make Architectural which have excellent UV prevention, water repellent, fire retardant, tear resistant properties and a very long life.
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