Products that Need Distributors

SprechIndia a leading manufacturer and supplier of tensile fabric structures in India, needs distributors for their sunshade structure products that are widely used at industrial, residential and commercial outdoor places. The Company deals in manufacturing custom shade canopy for ultimate weather protection all round the seasons. Be it a rainfalls or hottest day during a summer, our tensile roof structures are capable of providing Sun Shade solution from UV rays, dust, and rainwater for outdoor open areas.

We're seeking for potential partners who can share our passion for a legacy with exceptional skill and dedication. We aim to create multiple locations which are retail friendly with high-end* visibility. This goal can leverage our dealer & distributorship network growth nationwide, which is possible through the right partners. If this opportunity excites you, we warmly welcome you to be a part of our success story with the firm ‘SprechIndia' a joint venture with SPRECH, Italy that is backed with 20+ years of experienced in making tensile membrane structures. Come, become a distributor by joining our successful running business and earn the best revenue over investment (ROI).


Advantages of SPRECH Modules:

☑️ 100% Waterproof, High UV Preventions, Fire Retardant, and Tear Resistant Properties for a long life functioning.
☑️ It top only roof structures is with Serge Ferrari French make Architectural fabric.
☑️ Modules being in ready to fit condition can be installed at site reducing overall site work.
☑️ Competitive priced, as compared to similar fabric structures.
☑️ Modules can also be added (coupled) from sides, when required for extension.
☑️ Hot-dip galvanized finishing metal frames for a long and trouble-free life.
☑️ Easy to remove and re install.
☑️ Products meet the requried specifications for public area safety.

Nowadays, sunshade structures are broadly used for covering outdoor areas for various purpose and applications such as Cars / Bikes Parking Shade, Hotels & Restaurants Canopy, Tents for Resort, Event Exhibition & Wedding Tents, Gas Station Canopy, Garden & Terrace Covering, Industrial shades and much more... 

We custom design, manufacture install different types of tensile membrane structures available in various sizes, colors and shapes depending on client’s requirement. Our canopy tents are 100% waterproof, fire retardant and tear resistant builds with long lasting PVC coated fabrics with a special PVDF coating for better performance. Hence it provides better performance and durability in compared to conventional roof structures.
 Interested in our program or keen to know more? Fill in distributor’s application inquiry form for us to send more details.