Tented Accommodation

There is a growing trend for eco-friendly, adventures, wildlife sanctuary and other pilgrimage tourism. These tourism products involve visiting and staying in remote areas, forests, deserts & riversides. There is an overall shortage of somewhere to stay in crowded tourist destinations, especially in the middle of destination. Moreover, permanent building construction in many areas might not be a good choice to construct due to ecological balance. To meet the increasing demand for tourists, off-grid staying and tented accommodation would require to be developed on site to provide hotel-like facility to their tourists.

This where ‘SprechIndia.com’ comes in, we custom design, manufacturer and provide installation services to different types of modular fabric tents for tourism industries with tented accommodation for temporary staying. Our accommodation tents are built with PVC coated fabric material enhanced with PVDF coating for blocking high UV rays, dust and rainwater throughout the years. The steel structures are galvanized, and powder coated for corrosion free. Moreover, our products are built in different types of shape, dimension, and colors to best suite destination areas. Our tourism tents consist all basic amenities, fabric side walls, attached bathroom, and door for living in a tent.

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