Advantages of using car parking structures

Looking for a good car parking structure? You should ideally look for a good car parking tensile structure which comes from the house of Sprech India, one of the leading car parking structure manufacturers in the country. The car parking based tensile structures help in covering higher areas while ensuring ample safety from harsh and harmful sunlight which may damage vehicles greatly in the long run. The shades are also tailored for ensuring desired protection to the car while it is kept parked. The shades are built sturdily while making use of tensile polycarbonate sheets and fabric and they can also resist adverse weather situations with ease. The structure may be installed seamlessly and may be dismantled conveniently as well while being aesthetically appealing overall. Some of the key advantages include bright air permitted by filtered light along with keeping the car away from excessively settling dirt and dust and also lowering temperature underneath the structure in question. Additionally, the material will ensure protection from UV (ultra violet) sunrays as well.

Sprech India offers the best car parking tensile structure in India which is modular, advantageous and also covers more area. Sprech India has its own car parking shade structure which has a pyramid and dome configuration along with being completely waterproof for greater safety. It has a steel based framework while ensuring ample sunlight and heat based protection and having a longer and more functional lifespan as well. The car parking canopy shade comes with a dome based structure and is made of PVC while being a completely modular offering. This car parking canopy shade offers secure parking for all customers while saving them from bad weather conditions such as storms, heavy rainfall and so on. There is more protection from ultra violet (UV) rays along with corrosion, dust and wind. These may come in several shapes and sizes as well. The canopies and shades come with really easy maintenance attributes too.

From the year 2007, Sprech Tenso Structures Private Limited has been working in wholesaling, manufacturing and exports of gazebos and tents including gazebo canopy tents, car parking tensile structures, PVC coated tents, resort tents, restaurant tents and AC bar. There are several tensile canopies available along with arco tunnel coated tents, event coated tents, airone classic coated tents, turista coated tents, condor car parking shades, shade sails fabricated tents, car parking shade tents, Cicogna fabricated tents and cross vault exhibition tents as well. These are tailored on the basis of the client’s needs and are created by using PVC coated fire retardant technical fabric which is highly resistant along with using lacquered PVC safety. The product range is used extensively across retail malls, corporate offices, residential apartments, business complexes and amusement parks. There is top-class technology used along with the most advanced fabric patterning and steel design software in the world. These are used for manufacturing the product range in order to ensure the best solutions for each possible client need. Specific client requirements are met with the dedicated Engineering & Design department along with the research and development (R&D) department.

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