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Outdoor Events Tents for Sale

What does it take to turn a open space into an Events? Well, it makes special events tents. And if your outdoor event tents are not creative, heavy-duty and weatherproof; the excitement of having a tent for events does ruin spoiling the reputation of tent rental companies.
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Providing sun shade solutions for a large outdoor event can be a tedious task, it can avoid by buying outdoor event tents from manufacturer and suppliers Companies like SprechIndia.com that custom design large event tents for sale at reasonable priced. At Sprech India, we build small, medium and large canopy tent for bussiness who provides events, exhibitions, and wedding tent rentals services (mandap decorator, farash khana) throughout India. Our outdoor party tent has been chiefly designed and builds for a specific contentment.

Trending Models

  • Light weight structure
  • Galvanized for longer life
  • Easy to remove and reinstall
  • Different sizes, shapes, and color available
  • Modules can be coupled
  • Option for side walls & windows
  • Fire & Waterproof Fabric

We design, manufacture and install* PVDF, PVC coated tensile fabric structures for personal and commercial use throughout India. Our events, exhibitions, corporate parties, trade shows and wedding display tent signify the summit of the hospitality industry – the product of inspired engineering tensile structure builds with premium fabric materials. Furthermore, these shade structures are visually attractive, providing you with beautiful surroundings that could boast your event occasion.

Are these outdoor party tents durable and waterproof?

Off course, build from durable fabric material with a sturdy & galvanized metal frames, SprechIndia’s modular tents & waterproof canopies are engineered for long life and designed for adaptability. We custom build our fabric tents with expediency and flexibility in mind. Not only our large tents for outdoor events are modular for constructing custom arrangements, but also many of the components are interchangeable. This intellectual planning makes our outdoor event tents easy to store, build, and reconfigure, providing a good value to event management companies.

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